Top 10 Android Games for Kids – January 2017

The Smartphone Gaming platform is growing leaps and bounds by the day, be it on the Android or iOS platform. There are millions of Games out there in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In this post we will list our handpicked – Top 10 Android Games for Kids for the month of January 2017, which are available on the Google Play Store.

Top 10 Android Games for Kids

1. Where’s My Water – Disney – Puzzle – Free

Top 10 Android Games for Kids

The First Place on our list for the month goes to Where’s My Water from Disney. The Game has been around for  awhile in the Google Play Store. The game boasts of intuitive game play for kids coupled with simplicity. The puzzle needs cutting through various obstacles and then provide water to the Swampy the Alligator, which is a fun filled gaming character by Disney. The cutting edge puzzles are easy and enjoyable at the same time.

Download and start making way for the Water – here

2. Tic Tac Toe – Wintrino – Puzzle – Free

The Second place goes to the classic puzzle game which we all used to play when we were kids – The Tic Toe or Noughts or Crosses. The added advantage of the Game is the Multiplayer option, wherein two players can play with each other. Good for those siblings or pairs who want to try some new Multiplayer Games.

Start your Xs and Os and make three in a row – here

3. Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas – Budge Studios – Racing – Free

The third place goes to Thomas And Friends, which is basically a Train Racing game based on series Thomas and Friends. Here you can choose different Trains and Engines to Race with other friends and there is also a Two Player challenge mode. There are different Tracks too along with some basic engine upgrades for starters.

Lead your train engine to the finish line – here

4. LEGO® DC Mighty Micros – Lego Studios – Racing – Free

The new and the fourth entrant on our list is the Lego DC Mighty Micro – a racing game which features your favorite DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains – be ready to choose a side and start racing through various track settings. The Game features both Heroic and Villain modes in which you can either catch a villain by becoming a hero or running away being a villain – that is, the best of both sides. You can progress through the game and unlock new characters all by racing and collection in app – Studs. The Game doesn’t feature any in-app purchases right now too.

So hurry up and grab the Game – here

5. Ben 10 Xenodrome – TurnOut Ventures Ltd – Action – Free

The Ben 10 Xenodrome is a spin off Game based on the Ben 10 universe. The Game features the popular Ben 10 characters and the Omniverse. The Game revolves around the character Ben, who takes various forms and get different powers of aliens, to fight villains across galaxy. There are various powers and a virtually endless Gameplay as you progress through various levels and locations. The power ups and visual effects are cool and engaging too.

Start fighting the villains and save your Galaxy – here

6. Free Fur All – We Bare Bears – Cartoon Network – Adventure – Free

The Free Fur All game features cute bears and their mini game adventures. Get ready to do some acrobats, albeit with your phone as the Game utilizes the motion sensors of your device to move the bears in the racing mini game, or head to city and make your best Barista. You can also make the bears practice Martial arts. You can also earn in game coins as you progress to unlock new costumes and accessories. Sounds Cool right.

Make the cute Bears your best friends – here

7. Angry Birds Star Wars – Rovio Entertainment Ltd. – Arcade – Free

Top 10 Android Games for Kids

The Angry Birds franchise has grown over time since the first Angry Birds game was released. Our Seventh pick for the month features the Angry Birds Star Wars game. The Game has gone through various improvements over time and is now more responsive than ever, featuring an indulging game play with various levels and difficulty ranges. The Angry Birds Star Wars will surely keep you hooked up as you take the birds to battle with the pigs.

Be ready to fight in the Stars with your favorite Birds – here

8. Doodle Jump SpongeBob – Nickelodeon – Action – Paid

The Doodle Jump featuring Sponge Bob features eighth on our list. The game features fun filled game play where you have to guide the sponge bob and explore under sea worlds, or all the way up in the endless mode and make your own high scores. You can also gain various power ups for your character as you progress through the game. The Game also features Daily rewards, Daily and Weekly Challenges to make the Game play interesting.

Start Jumping with the Sponge Bob – here

9. Cut the Rope Full – Zepto Lab – Puzzle – Free

The ninth entry features Cut the Rope, based on a cute character – Om Nom’s adventures. The Game features the character tied to a rope, which you have to swipe and slide and make Om Nom reach Stars and other Power Ups. The cute character and awesome locations are sure to make you hooked to the game, as well as the engaging physics based game play. The Graphics of the game are well up to the mark on most of the devices and are stunning on full HD or quad HD devices.

Make the Om Nom reach the stars nearby – here

10. Fruit Ninja Free – Half Brick Studios – Arcade – Free

The Tenth Place on our list of the Top 10 Android Games for Kids for the month goes to – Fruit Ninja Free. The Game features one simple rule – cut all the fruits you see on the screen in one go. For this you can also take help of your friends, as the game supports multi touch play. The Classic mode is a time trial, in which you have to last long and make sure not to miss any of the fruits uncut. The Arcade mode is go for all mode, in which you can slice as many fruits you can. The game features various Tournaments and events, in which you can earn new blades, gifts and power ups. There are also daily challenges rewards and daily prizes in the game.

Start your Fruit Slicing Journey – here



Our list of Top 10 Android Games for Kids for the month January 2017, will surely keep you and all the kids out there entertained through the month. The games feature from various genres like Action, Arcade, Adventure, Multi Player to keep you engaged.

Some of these free Games may feature In-App Purchases, to progress further in the Game Play. If you don’t want to incur any charges, remember to turn off In App Purchases in your Google Play Account.