Assassins Creed Movie Review – short and spoiler free

The Assassins Creed is out in the cinemas and here’s our review of the Gaming based movie trying to spin-off a new Movie Franchise based on the bigger gaming franchise.

Director – Justin Kurzel

Actors – Michael Fassbender

The Assassins Creed Movie Review

Overview –

The film is based on the historic era Governmental  World Domination plot for the starters. There’s an artifact – Apple of Eden to be precise – containing the Genetic blueprint for free will. There’s a stand off between the two major powers – the shadow Governmental Knights Templar and the Assassins, also protectors of the Apple of Eden, who are anarchic warriors ready to reduce the plans of the Knights to dust as similar to their previous stand-offs.

Assassins Creed Movie Review


Plot – 

Similar to the Assassins Creed Gaming franchise the movie is incorporating the Animus Artificial Intelligence world, which all the geeks reading here will be familiar with, being an intelligent self adjusting virtual reality system which can limit the abilities of Characters. The Animus AI creates a real world struggle between the two sides struggling to gain control over the artifact, one to protect the world and other to rule the world in its own way. Who will win is the bigger question here.

Keep checking this space as we will be doing a full review of the movie soon.